FIRST Annual Meeting 2011

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The Conference Center si housed inside Palazzo delle Stelline, and precisely in Sala Bramante.
Palazzo delle Stelline was erected in 1576 after the plagues in Milan. A land of conquest and theater of bloody encounters, the Lombardian city remained at the mercy of these events for most part of the 16th century; orphans, the marginalized and the homeless could be found in the streets.
In the attempt to alleviate an extremely serious situation, San Carlo Borromeo, archbishop of Milan, leased the former monastery of the Benedictines of Santa Maria della Stella, founding in January 1578 the Ospedale dei Poveri Mendicanti e Vergognosi della Stella (Hospital for the Poor and Humble Beggars of the Star) .
In the middle of the 1600s, the structure offered its services almost completely to needy children, especially housing young orphans renamed “stelline”, in memory of the ancient monastery. Renovated over the course of centuries, the palazzo has maintained up to today its ancient architectural characteristics that even today is considered one of the most important cultural sites of the city of Milan.

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